In civil litigation, the courts render rulings and judgments which generally favors of one or more parties and against the other party(ies) throughout a case. Many orders, judgments, and rulings in Louisiana state court may be reviewed by appellate courts by an Application for Supervisory Writ in civil litigation. Final judgments rendered after trial, summary judgment, or dismissal on the pleadings are appealable to the appropriate appellate court as a matter of right in federal and state court.

Appeals are primarily limited to the evidence, testimony, and rulings in the trial court record, including rulings which prohibited the admission of evidence offered at trial. Lawyers must review and analyze the record and research and analyze the applicable law to determine the likelihood of having a decision reversed, modified, or affirmed by the appellate court. Well researched and written briefs are crucial to appellate success.

Pamela Breedlove has briefed and argued writ applications and appeals before the Louisiana Supreme Court, the Louisiana Courts of Appeal for the First, Second, and Third Circuits, and the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. She has represented the parties filing the appeals and the parties opposing the appeal. Pamela Breedlove also assists clients and other lawyers in briefing legal issues at the trial level to help ensure that arguments are properly preserved for any appeal.

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