Family Law refers to the legal issues that can arise within families. This includes divorce, custody, support, partition of property, guardianship of elders, and various other issues. Family law is often a delicate subject because dealing with issues can be emotional. It is important for attorneys dealing with family law to understand how sensitive issues can be and help disputing parties communicate effectively.

Pamela Breedlove understands how important family legal issues are to her clients. She makes every effort she can to find the best resolution for all people involved. When disputes arise over the care and guardianship of loved ones, attorneys must proceed with care. Protecting innocent members of the family is as important as their client’s other priorities.

If you are facing a family legal issue, you need the support of an experienced attorney. Pamela Breedlove handles family law and litigation matters in North Louisiana. She also provides cooperative family law mediation services to help parties resolve their family law issues. To learn more or to schedule a consultation concerning your family issues, call Pamela Breedlove at (318) 423-0845.