Municipal Law

Municipal law pertains to local, regional, state, national and international laws which affect the proper operation of local governments and agencies.  These are the laws that affect communities and everyday life.  In order for a community to flourish, the support of an attorney that understands municipal law is often necessary.

Whether an issue arises related to employment and labor laws, or there is a need for a better understanding regarding open meetings laws within a community, public bid laws, budget issues, contracting issues, governmental ethics, or enacting ordinances and resolutions, it is essential for community leaders to have the backing of a legal expert.

Pamela Breedlove works with local governments in ensuring that the actions taken are done in accordance with statutory and constitutional law.  She is currently the appointed Municipal Attorney for multiple small towns in North Louisiana.  She is familiar with the Local Government Budget Act, the Governmental Code of Ethics, Public Records law, Open Meetings Law, the Lawrason Act, Louisiana Legislative Auditor requirements, Louisiana State Bond Commission requirements, Ordinance drafting and publication requirements, governmental employment, and other municipal law issues.

She has practiced law throughout Louisiana since 1992, and is skilled at navigating these sometimes complex legal systems.  If you have questions about municipal law or you are interested in speaking to someone about representation, call Pamela Breedlove at (318) 423-0845 for more information.