Police & Fire Civil Service Law

Police and firefighters are viewed as authority figures in every community.  They risk their lives to protect those of the citizens.  Unfortunately, police officers and firefighters sometimes are accused of making mistakes and need legal representation.  Louisiana Civil Service law provides additional procedural and substantive protections for most police and fire personnel.  Pamela Breedlove has experience defending police and firefighters before their local Civil Service Boards and appealing those issues to the courts.  She is on the list of Plan Attorneys for the Fraternal Order of Police Legal Defense Plan.  She has represented many officers of the Shreveport Police Department through disciplinary matters from Internal Affairs all the way to the Louisiana Supreme Court. She has also represented officers in disputes over mandatory overtime, compensation time, working conditions, and benefits.


If you are a police officer or firefighter in Louisiana who needs assistance with a police or fire civil service legal issue, Pamela Breedlove may be able to help you.  She has worked as a litigator in Louisiana since 1992, and is familiar with civil service laws affecting these areas.  If you would like to speak with Pamela about your case, contact her at 318-423-0845 to schedule a consultation regarding your issue.