Wills & Successions

Succession and Estate law is one of the most complicated legal fields in existence.  Understanding Louisiana forced heirship law is important for all families but particularly with blended families.   Unfortunately, resolution of these complex matters often becomes an issue during emotionally trying times.  If a family member has failed to create an enforceable will or if the will created is being contested, the assistance of an experienced attorney is essential.  Family members should do all they can to ensure the desires of their loved one is carried out to the best of everyone’s ability, and that often means hiring an attorney.


Pamela Breedlove has experience working with families drafting wills and handling successions.  Whether the dispute is over simple family items that have primarily emotional value or if a family business is at stake, she can help.  Additionally, she has experience helping with family planning with general powers of attorney, medical powers of attorneys, and living wills. Pamela is a skilled mediator that can help families resolve conflict without a trial.  However, if mediation is not an option, Pamela has extensive litigation experience and will fight to protect the rights of her clients.


If you need assistance in drafting a will or filing or resolving a succession issue, Pamela may be able to help.  She provides civil and cooperative family law mediation and handles family law issues throughout North Louisiana.  To schedule a consultation to discuss your issue, call Pamela Breedlove at (318) 423-0845.