Mediation provides an opportunity to settle legal disputes without traditional litigation. It saves time and money, and in many cases, makes it possible to continue relationships once a dispute is resolved. This is why mediation is such a popular option for resolving civil and family disputes.

Civil and family mediation sessions are conducted at a neutral location and are overseen by a neutral third party (the mediator). Both sides of the dispute share their concerns and explore various options for resolution. Mediation can be conducted with both parties’ lawyers present or with the parties only. The mediator’s job is to facilitate communication and ensure the potential options are fair and legal. Once a resolution is reached, the mediator has the ability to draw up paperwork detailing the outcome and guidelines which is signed by the parties.

Mediation is optional for disputing parties. If a resolution is not reached during mediation, each party has the option of pursuing further action, such as arbitration or litigation. Mediation puts the power of decision-making into the hands of the disputing parties, increasing the likelihood both parties walk away from the process satisfied with its outcome.

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